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Secrets To Better Piano Playing

Do you want to become a better pianist?

David Hicken - Secrets To Better Piano Playing


"Secrets To Better Piano Playing" is the missing instruction manual that teaches you exactly how to practice and what to practice! 


An eBook that is packed full

of valuable information for pianists such as:


How to play faster

How to learn music quickly

How to improve your technique


Improve your piano skills in the quickest and easiest way possible.

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Learn the importance of:


Scales and Arpeggios


Ear Training


Is your progress too slow?

Do you want to know why?

This guide explains exactly what you should be practicing so that you can achieve your goals quickly.

Learn about the most common mistakes that all piano students make, and how you can avoid the same errors.

Would you like to be able to play just like your favorite pianists?




No gimmicks or idle promises, just plain facts and advice that works!

David Hicken - Secrets To Better Piano Playing


The BEST way to learn any music

The most important tools for all pianists

How the brain recognizes music


How to strengthen your fingers

How to know what fingers to use

What to listen for

The piano is a difficult instrument.

That's why you need a MENTOR and COACH.

Based on decades of experience in teaching, performing and composing, this book will save you countless hours of frustration.


Stop wasting time when you practice!
Learn the difference between playing and practicing


Discover how to practice in the correct order of importance


Why solfège and memorizing can be damaging

Why there are more bad piano teachers than good ones, and how you can find a great one


How to choose a good practice instrument


Why you should learn about harmony, counterpoint and orchestration


Techniques to help you perform in public without freaking out


The four most important elements of a great performance

All of this and much more...

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David stands behind everything he states in this book.  If you have questions about any of the techniques mentioned in the book, you can email him directly for advice.