David Hicken ~ Pianist & Composer

Music Theory For Pianists

An ideal handbook for pianists and composers on all aspects of music notation.

Beginning pianists, as well as those learning to read music for the first time, are introduced to the fundamentals of music notation, as well as the rules which apply to writing music correctly.

All of the symbols a pianist may encounter are explained in this book, such as slurs, ties, dots, accidentals, key signatures, rests, triplets, duplets, grace notes, trills and much more.

Beginning composers will find answer to many questions regarding proper formatting of music as well as explanations of transposition, modulation, cadences, passing notes, triads, extensions and much more.

More advanced topics include suspensions, anticipations, pedal points, voice-leading and harmonic rhythm.

Includes definitions of all commonly-used Italian terms in music.

Clear, concise and easy to understand format.

After receiving emails from people all over the world regarding many aspects of piano playing and composing, I began to answer these questions in a series of books.  "Secrets To Better Piano Playing" gives clear instructions on how to practice properly as well as what should be studied.  

"The Ultimate Piano Workout" details all of the exercises that I have ever used to develop a solid piano technique.  

"Secrets To Better Composing And Improvising" lists all of the techniques that I use when composing music.  

This latest book "Music Theory For Pianists" is the next logical progression in the series for those who need to learn about, or improve their knowledge of music notation.  The book contains everything that you will ever need to know as a pianist and composer.

Although it is ideal as a reference manual, the book can be read straight through by anyone who simply wants to brush up their knowledge of music theory.

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