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Not sure how I came across one of your videos on Youtube, but there it was. Incantation I think was the name of the song. I listened to that and immediately texted my brother to check it out. I've listened to it at least 10 times... not just that song but there were at least 5 that I kept going back to and have been scrolling all types of videos and songs you have done. Simply amazing. I keep showing everyone in my office, LoL... I will keep looking for new videos and keep showing all my friends... thanks for the music
To say your playing is superb is redundant. I discovered your videos on Youtube, and am impressed. (I'm hard to impress.) The piano is great, the recording quality is great. One thing: I am a stride junkie (consumer, not player). There are many stride players out there, but few can compare with the greats, most of whom are long gone, alas. I'm convinced that YOU, a master of tempo, could be an all-time great stride player/composer if you were to choose to do so. I am starved for good stride. Your thoughts? PS: What you could do with the classics in stride...the mind boggles!
Dear David, I write you from Germany. Please excuse my imperfect english. 27 years ago, at the age of 20, I stopped playing the piano. Until then I had been teaching for 13 years, but my talent was not as great as my parents hoped at the time. The disappointment of my parents and teachers caused me to lose my motivation and play the piano as a burden. Today, after so many years, I was finally able to release this feeling and instead recognize the joy that I always had while playing. And that happened after I accidentally came across your videos. Seeing how you are fully immersed in your piano playing, hiding your environment is so motivating, so much fun, that I am now ready to play again. Just for fun, for me, not in front of an audience, just for the sake of the music. Thank you so much for letting us share your music so generously! For your further life the best wishes from Germany! Best regards, Marion
Dear David, i discovered you yesterday, and my word, YAY!!!! You are outstandingly brilliant, much much respect....I'm a very amateur pianist from South Africa. I wanted to ask you how you get your recordings so clear, rich and dynamically even, the bass register is absolutely incredible, i get chills listening to you....many many thanks...regards, Steve.
You have produced another great u tube. I really am enjoying Cerca Trova. You always come through. I would say David, "You do work as hard as Bach." Thank you once again for sharing your amazing talent.
What would you say is your most advance, fast paced piece?
Earlier this year I accidentally discovered David's music on youtube and immediately fell in love with his way of playing the piano and of course his music. I purchased one of his CDs and a day after also two of his books - Secrets to Better Piano Playing and the Ultimate Piano Workout. I have been playing keyboards for over 20 years, based solely on what I was taught in music class at school. I never had any real ambitions to properly learn how to play the piano and I figured it was pretty much too late now, as I am in my mid-thirties. But David's playing and music have inspired me to try for more and I was really pleased to find out, that one of his great endeavors is to help others become as good as he is. I read what was there to read in his two books and found it extremely helpful. There are so many things in there which they didn't teach us in music class and I have also gone and searched for more info on the topics I wanted to know more about. To be honest - I feel as if these books have already taught me more than I ever learned about music theory before. I also started practicing straight away - I find practicing scales not the least bit boring as it is quite the challenge to me. On the other hand I found some things that seem hard to do or to learn for piano players come more easily to me with the background of playing the keyboards (i.e. chords) and drums (i.e. polyrhythms). For me it is early days yet and I can't really comment on big improvements in my playing so far - but I mainly put that down to having to break so many bad habits I have gathered over the years of playing without proper education. One of the books recommends finding a good piano teacher - I am trying it without and so far I can figure things out by myself due to the way David has designed his books. The train to become as good as him or other famous composers has long left the station for me but it is nice having someone to look up to and guide for improvement. David - thank you so much for your contribution to the music community! I can only recommend buying his books and getting to work - it is all worth the while.
Jestem zakochana w muzyce Davida. Dziękuje z całego serca za Twoją muzykę. Kupiłam Sekhmet i Gemini. Życzę Ci tyle radości ile mnie przynosi granie wraz z moją córką Twoich utworów. Żałuję tylko ,że książki są napisane w języku angielskim. Serdecznie pozdrawiam :-)
Bonjour , Je viens de terminer de lire "Les secrets pour mieux jouer du piano. Il est sans contredit un livre de référence qui me suivra tout le long de mon apprentissage . Il est rempli de justicieux trucs faciles à mettre en pratique et comme vous le dites il suffit de Patience et discipline . Je le recommande fortement à tous les pianistes débutants ou expérimentés tous y trouveront leur compte. Merci
I bought the Ultimate Piano Workout some weeks ago and I have directly started practicing. I already realize some improvements in my playing. So what else could I wish for? I can really recommend the book and, what is more important, exercising with the book. Thank you!
Thanks to a drastic turn of my life I discovered the most accomplished pianist and composer of our time, David Hicken. As someone put it on Youtube, where I used to be a rare customer before being kicked out from the work, you fall in love with his melodies the first seconds of listening to them. Shortly after our encounter I felt tempted to buy three of his compilations, and they immediately became part of my existence. I went straight to an electronics shop and bought an outdated walkman because couldn't part with David's music even on my walks in the Alpine woods. It's true you can't help hearing the masterful technique of the pianist on his CDs, but also human feelings -- from love to rage – as well as history, literature and folklore. His music is very much intellectual too, being endowed with finesse and elegance of the musician's own mind. I am convinced that the only way to resist the temptation of falling in love with those clever hands of David's is acquiring the Ultimate Piano Workout album of his and immerse oneself into playing the piano day and night as the composer claims for himself. Despite my die-hard feminism I admit one has to be a man to achieve such heights in art, but I would also like to thank David's wife for helping him in his endeavours; I am sure Inu is a lovely person and I am happy to greet her from Switzerland!
Purchased Secrets to Better Piano Playing and read it cover to cover. It a wholistic take on playing piano. Starting to play piano at mid life, it's encouraging to know from a professional how much practice is reasonable to do in order to get betterto
Have watched all your utube music. I have purchased several albums and indidual pieces. You have done it again! I am enjoying Repercussions. Great piece of music. Now I will have to purchase another song. I did like your new photos on the wall, gorgeous Persian carpet and how casual you are in bare feet.
I greatly enjoy the book "Stories of You." The songs were very peaceful and easy to follow. They are a great style of music to use for background at events or playing before weddings.
Just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing music - I got it for my 13th birthday! I'm about grade 8 standard and it's hugely enjoyable to play and a good challenge, especially for the left hand! I first came across the Bell Carol on youtube and having absolutely loved it, I received the art of piano as a surprise. My favourite pieces are The Letter and Talavera. Thank you for being an inspiration!
I just wanted to say Thank You for sending books for my son's Christmas presents out right away. My son, Aidan, thinks of you as his mentor. You have inspired him to play just as amazingly as you. My son, Aidan, has never had any piano lessons, but plays like a pro at just 10 years old. He frequently watches your YOUTUBE videos and learns from you, and only you. Aidan has a special gift, just like you. He is a natural pianist. When he plays, it's like he is "One" with the piano as an extension of himself. He requested The Faeries book, but I also got him your "The Ultimate Piano Workout" to improve his hand placement and coordination. He has improved sooo much, just since Christmas! I would love to send you a video of him playing your songs sometime. Aidan is interested in you sending him the following 2 PDFs. 1) The Bell Carol 2) Discoveries (Stories Of You) With much appreciation and gratitude Kimberly Carlyle
David, thank you for inspiring me to put my heart and soul back into piano playing. I have just finished learning The Bell Carol and I just downloaded the sheet music for Incantation. My mother had 11 years of piano lessons but I was too stubborn and impatient to learn from her so I taught myself and picked up all of the bad habits that she warned me about. While I still played on occasion, I had not learned anything new in years. Over the past six months I have been playing everyday working to be a better piano player and while I still have a long way to go my skill level has improved dramatically. Your music reinvigorated my love for the piano; therefore, I offer my deepest and most sincere thanks.
Aloha Governor! Please catch me up to date on your life over these past 5 years!
love your music and thank you
I love David Hickens Music. I just purchased the Ultimate Piano Workout for my daughter who is an accomplished pianist and wants to get better. I am confident if she follows his instructions and spends the time to practice his techniques, she will have no problem playing any music she wants. I really want to improve my piano playing also and I am confident that his instruction will be very helpful for me to improve my own playing. Thanks David!
An amazing talent and generous to a fault. If I were to learn an instrument, I'd be torn between you and David Garrett. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEpd2DYzvVw
David, Thank you for your music, I can not stop enjoying this reduculouse motives you invent. I also appreciate your experiments with well-known and hardly to imgine "what else you can do with it than so many version exists" compositions. It is Awesome!! All people who had chance to listen your amazing pieces of Art on my phone/tab where really amazed and I am sure some of them did go to your YouTube channel to continue to enjoy. Thank you one more time, Vladimir, Moscow, Russia David, one more thing. There is a huge loss happened in music society of Russia and the world. I mean the crash of RA85572 a bit less than 24 hours ago near Sochi/AER after take off. Same second world lost unacceptable number of talented people which dedicated their life to help most unprotected people of the worl. "Doctor Lisa" (http://doctor-liza.livejournal.com/) as an example. They've been fligthing on-board of this Tupolev heavily loaded with humanitrian cargo to help people of Aleppo, especially injured kids. I kindly ask you to dedicate one of your next masterpiece to this people and make it public as soon as you complete on all places you publish your music. Lets all pray for their sould.
Just received the Carols of Christmas book and love the beautiful arrangements even though they are quite challenging. I love the Christmas in Tettenhall piece so much. These pieces modulate to very difficult keys and are a great study for musicians to master. I have the Secrets to Better Piano Playing book as well and it is brilliant. Really helps me with scale study and since I teach piano it is very helpful for my students and inspiring for me as well. Thanks for your beautiful music, I'd recommend anything from David Hicken's website if you love beautiful classical music. Thank-you David.
Just purchased the sheet music for The Bell Carol. More than the virtuoso technique required for it's successful execution, I admire the economy of this composition: it's energy is all thematically driven, with no extra-musical frills or references to other instruments. A very tight and mature work, Classical (at least as i interpret the word) and Alive.
I just signed up for your newsletter - looking forward to some of your tips. The more I watch your videos and listen to your music, the more impressed I have become with you. Your biography is fascinating as it shares your adventures and experiences. I look forward to purchasing more of your sheet music and some of your other 'books.' Your advice and instruction is in line with my thinking - you don't get something for nothing. Keep sharing!
I read David's book Secrets to Better Piano Playing and have found an essential building block for my advancement on the piano. He has provided me with the kind of structure I feel everyone needs to understand music and to practice in a stable and in depth way. Certainly, my weekly lessons are enhanced by the key information I have learned about my relationship with my piano. I couldn't recommend this book with any higher praise or enthusiasm for anyone who plays, but especially those who are starting out, like myself. Also, I cant thank you enough David for your great art. As a dancer I liken it to watching someone dance who impresses as a solid gymnast but who doesn't have the musicality to really bring the heaven of the dance in.... your music brings that light into my experience. It happens in the soul. Thanks again for all your great work.
one year ago I came across Bell Carol on YouTube, it was one of the most beautiful interpretations I ever heard, I am Ukrainian, and heard a lot of Schedryk, in Kiev.I find compositions by David amazing, my pupils are in love with your music. But the book about better piano playing is fantastic, I read some extracts to my pupils because, many things I am telling them myself, but let them read from somebody else, a world class musician, makes my point stronger. As piano teacher I believe that if pupil do not progress or loose interest, it is my teaching strategies at fault, if I change approach, kids are quickly back on track. Thank you very much for this book and your lovely compositions. Lyuba
This is amazing music!! Thank you!
was reading about you leaving music for awhile as you moved your way up to Master Scuba Diver, my son 27 year old son is enjoying your music I hope he does not follow in your footstep as he is currently taking sky diving lessons, yikes! he wants to be an instructor one day....please say a prayer he sticks with music instead....LOL his loving mother, thank you for bringing your music into our home
Thank you for writing all this amazing music. I actually love all your difficult and technical pieces, they are so much fun to practice and to play, thank you for all the pleasure you bring to me and my pupils ! Your piano playing is beautiful ! Your two books are great, I bought not long ago and I will use them with my pupils.
I want to leave my humble comment and my huge thank you to David. I recently got both of his books. Extremelly well-spent money in such a precious information. He aswered every single doubt a had about playing and mastering this awesome instrument. He has the unique ability to defy and encourage us at the same time for a better piano playing. Thank you David.
Thank You!!!! Amazing music!
If you're visiting this page you've discovered David's unique style of piano. I found "The Bell Carol" video on Youtube and have since been practicing some of the techniques shown in David's videos to incorporate into my own music. Now, the time I spend at my piano every day is an even more enjoyable experience! I was also in the market for information regarding practicing at the piano and found MANY books available on the subject and then I thought, why not learn from someone who's music I truly appreciate. So, I purchased both "Secrets to better Piano Playing" and "The Ultimate Piano Workout". I love these books and the information David shares... wish I had these resources when I first started playing piano. I felt the need to share these comments because David's music has given my family countless hours of enjoyment and I sincerely hope that the word will spread so others can enjoy it too!
Ultimate Piano workout book is great. I bought it last week to help me with my scales and arpeggios for ABRSM Grade 5 and the contents are much more useful than the standard ABRSM book. I particularly like his explanations of the relationships between major and minor scales and his explanations of which white keys to be used on some of the more complex scales. His scale charts are great - sharps and flats are clearly distinguished. Vocal is for Americans rather than British; he uses whole and half notes whereas we Brits use semitones and tones. That's my only complaint.
I first got introduced to David Hicken when I came across his Bell Carol on YouTube. I was amazed by his playing ability and started looking at more of his songs and came across his book. I purchased both of his books and found them articulate, in depth, and answered many if not all of the questions I had regarding what I was doing wrong when I sat down at my piano. I read his first book which gave me an excellent approach to practicing but I did have a lingering question of "what piano exercises should I do, exactly??" As if he was reading my mind he wrote and released his second book which I loved!! If you find yourself stagnating and reaching a plateau with your playing ability David Hicken's books are excellent for giving you the information you need to stop wasting time every time you sit on the piano bench and to reach that next playing level ability.