David Hicken ~ Pianist & Composer

How To Make A Living As A Pianist And Composer

How To Make A Living As A Pianist And Composer is the ideal guide for pianists of all levels and abilities who want to make money doing what they love.

Learn how to evaluate your skills and find work for which you are best suited, while continuing to improve and expand on those skills.

Learn about the most common positions for pianists as well as exactly what is involved as well as how to find work.

Learn all about composing, performing, recording and releasing your own music for the world to hear, as well as the basics of sales, marketing, publicity and promotion for musicians.

Everything you need to know about making money as a pianist and composer is included here, written by someone who has done it all.

Although you may know me from my videos and CDs, you may not be aware that since becoming a professional musician at the age of eighteen, I have worked in every imaginable capacity as a pianist.  

If money could be made playing a keyboard somewhere, I was there doing it.  Many positions were great, and some of them were awful.

I made mistakes, but learned a tremendous amount along the way, all of which I share with you in this book.

Although I have read many books about the music industry, I never found anything which was specifically geared towards pianists, and especially towards pianists who compose their own music.

The subjects of my books are based on countless questions I receive from fans, and one of the most common is how to make it as a pianist and composer.  

So finally, here is a guidebook for all of you who love to perform and create music, and simply don't know where to begin.

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